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Business Advisory  
  As business advisors to our clients, we offer a basket of services whereby various aspects of the organization is looked into with a view to smooth, effective and profitable operations. This is achieved by providing the following services:
  • Review, Design / Improve and Implement Enterprise Procedures and Systems.

  • Mergers and Acquisition, including Due Diligence, Financial Structuring, Tax Planning, Organisation Restructuring and liaison & coordination for implementation of the merger.

  • Business Advisory for business owners and professional management in connection with strategy, policy, growth plans, profitability and related matters like product selection and pricing.

  • Improved Efficiency, Effectiveness, Value addition and Profit Improvement.

  • Designing and Evaluation Management Information Systems (MIS).

  • Industry, Market and Techno-Economic Feasibility studies.

  • Review and Analysis of Corporate and business data regarding sales, costs, profitability, to use trends analysis for identifying potential problem areas and suggesting corrective measures.



Recently the Costing function in an organization has acquired its due attention. Organizations have realized the importance of having a stable and effective cost accounting system in this ever changing, challenging and competitive business environment. Being one of our core areas of specialization, we have constantly assisted our clients in this area by:

  • Designing / Redesigning and implementing Costing systems.

  • Undertaking Cost analysis targeted towards product costing and profitability.

  • Assistance in cost accounting and related areas.



Being one of the important functions of an organization, our clients look upon us to continuously add value to the Accounting aspects. We undertake various assignments for our clients which help them operate smoothly and effectively. We do that in the following manner:

  • Conduct Internal Audit, Management Audit and Revenue Audit with emphasis on review of operations and improving effectiveness and profitability.

  • Review, design / redesign accounting systems, procedures and controls.

  • Provide support services in Accounting and Payroll.


InfoTech Consulting  

Information Technology (I.T) is the back bone of all organizations across the globe. We help companies improve efficiency and performance by identifying business problems and locating software or IT tools to solve the same. We assist them by:

  • Assistance in identifying correct hardware and software platform and to coordinate with vendors to ensure that the product delivered is that required.

  • Assistance in implementation of ERP.

  • Assistance in Design of Custom Software on client specification. We provide domain knowledge, commercial inputs, design inputs and Project Monitoring for software developed either by the client's software teams or by external developers.

  • Providing I.T solutions (Please refer to the section on IT solutions).


  The country has seen rapid development in recent times and the boom is just a beginning of the things to come. New projects are coming up to cater to the ever increasing demand and current ones are either expanding or diversifying into new industries. We help our clients reach their desired goals by:
  • Investment Appraisal and Project Evaluation, including concept, site evaluation, capital structuring and assistance in sourcing of funds.

  • Managing the projects during stage of inception by being their financial key men during this all important phase.

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